General, scope of application

I, Tanja Kühne (hereinafter referred to as Coach), perform with the sole proprietorship Kühne PR coachings, online & offline workshops, trainings and other events according to these General Terms and Conditions (GTC). With the assignment, these terms and conditions are considered accepted by the client (hereinafter referred to as Client). Deviations from these terms and conditions must be agreed in writing. Deviating terms and conditions of the client do not apply unless they have been expressly agreed to in writing.

Conclusion of contract
A contract is concluded when the client places an order and the coach accepts the order. The order by the client and the acceptance of the order by the coach can be made by e-mail, in writing or verbally.

Mental training, coaching and readings with Human Design are not therapy in the curative sense. Each client is responsible for himself before, during and after the coaching. The client confirms with his order that he feels mentally and physically healthy and can participate in the coaching. The client also expressly declares with his order to have read and understood the terms and conditions.

Offers, prices, terms of payment
For all offers, the prices published on the website and/or shown in the event announcement will be charged.
All prices quoted are in CHF unless otherwise agreed. I am not subject to value added tax.

Invoices are generally payable immediately without deduction, unless otherwise agreed. In the event of default in payment, further execution of the current contract may be suspended until full payment of the total order.

Registrations for events are processed in the order in which they are received. The prices for workshops, trainings and other events are due in each case at least three weeks before the event date. The client will receive a registration confirmation and an invoice to transfer the amount in due time.


The prices on the website are in each case, unless otherwise noted, in CHF. The prices are shown without VAT, because I am not liable to pay VAT in Switzerland.


I prefer TWINT, but it is also possible to pay via PayPal or bank transfer on request.

At the moment I only have a TWINT account set up under my number.

Please transfer the money for an online course, online workshop, event or for coaching by prepayment to the given number one day BEFORE.

Receipt of confirmation email

The confirmation email is usually sent within 48 h after receipt of payment.

As soon as the money is on my TWINT account, PayPal account (or bank account), I will send you the confirmation email.

Cancellation of appointments, non-participation in online workshops or courses, refunds

Already paid online workshop tickets or event tickets via TIWNT, PayPal or bank transfer are non-refundable. However, they can be transferred to someone else, but only in consultation with me via email.

Data protection
Personal data will be stored and automatically processed by the operator Tanja Kühne, Kühne PR, in connection with the coaching participation, insofar as this is necessary for the implementation of the coaching or the administration of the clients. Such data will not be passed on to third parties. All personal data collected and processed by Tanja Kühne, Kühne PR, will be handled in accordance with the regulations of the Swiss Federal Law on Data Protection (DSG).

If you have received documents in the course of a coaching session with Tanja Kühne, Kühne PR, these are protected by copyright in case of doubt. Tanja Kühne, Kühne PR, is entitled to the rights of use of such documents. Tanja Kühne, Kühne PR, does not grant you any rights of use to the documents. Accordingly, you may only use them within the scope of the legally permitted forms of use. Any use beyond this is expressly prohibited.

The coach undertakes to carry out coaching, workshops, etc. carefully to the best of his knowledge and belief. There is no guarantee for success of the coaching or at events. Liability is excluded.
By making an appointment or registering for events, the client confirms that he/she is acting on his/her own responsibility and releases the provider from all liability claims. The client acknowledges that he/she is fully responsible for his/her own physical and mental health and that he/she is responsible for any damage caused. The coaching/seminars and travels do not replace a doctor or therapist and are for preventive purposes only. In the case of mental illness, we ask you to consult your attending physician if you are unsure.

The Coach undertakes to maintain confidentiality about all professional, business and private matters of the Client that become known in the course of the activity, even after the termination of the contract.

Place of performance, choice of law
Unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, the place of performance and payment shall be the Coach's place of business, i.e. Zurich, Switzerland.

Contact details
Tanja Kühne, Kühne PR: Schuppisstrasse 2a, 8057 Zürich

Status of GTC's: October 2021

Agreement for coaching with Tanja Kühe, Kühne PR

The parties have the intention to work together for a certain period of time. The coach will carry out coaching for the client with the aim of recording, processing and optimizing the client's current life situation.

The coaching is based on the initial meeting held between the parties of approx.
90 minutes. Coaching is based on cooperation and mutual trust. The coach will
disclose methods and techniques used by him/her, their modes of operation and purposes, as well as the risks and possible outcomes at each stage of coaching.

In this context, the coach would like to point out that coaching is a free, active and self-responsible process and certain successes cannot be guaranteed. The coach is available to the client as a process facilitator and change trigger - the actual change work is done by the client through active cooperation during the coaching as well as by means of independent practice of the techniques.

The client should be willing and open to self-critically question his values, objectively deal with his own person and situation, change his own behavior and accept the coach and his work.

1. subject of the agreement
The subject of the Agreement is the framework agreement on coaching with the following topic and objective.

2. responsibility of the coach
2.1 The Coach is obliged not to disclose confidential information to outside third parties.

2.2 The Coach is obligated to use confidential information exclusively for the purposes of the coaching specified in the contract.

2.3 The Coach is obliged to keep confidential information that has been handed over to him in writing or that he has personally recorded in such a way that no outside third party can gain access to it.

2.4 The Coach is obliged to use all techniques and methods at his disposal for the benefit of the Client. He is obliged to name another coach or another suitable specialist to the client if he himself no longer sees himself in a position to lead the coaching professionally to the agreed goal.

3. responsibility of the client
3.1 The Client acknowledges that he/she is fully responsible for his/her own physical and mental health during the Coaching, both during the individual sessions and during the time between individual sessions.

3.2 The Client acknowledges that all steps and measures taken by him/her in the context of the Coaching are his/her own responsibility only. This contract does not entitle the Client to use the Coach for other consulting services, such as business consulting.
or to take advantage of vocational coaching.

3.3 The client states that he has no psychological problems or is in psychological treatment. If he should be in psychological treatment, the cooperation between the psychotherapist/psychiatrist/psychologist and the coach must be agreed upon.

3.4 The client states that he does not take any drugs or medication and has not consumed any alcohol 12 h before the coaching.

4. place of coaching
Coaching can take place online or offline. Before each appointment, it is discussed whether it will take place online or on-site.

5. time frame of the coaching
5.1 The duration and frequency of coaching is determined individually.

5.2 A coaching session usually lasts between 60-90 minutes.

5.3 The agreed total number of meetings held shall be determined individually.

5.4 As a rule, changes of appointments must be agreed upon in the previous session at the latest. An appointment previously agreed between the client and the coach must be cancelled by the client at least two working days before the appointment, otherwise the appointment will be charged.

5.5 This scope may be changed by mutual agreement. The change requires the written form. For further possibilities of termination of the contractual relationship, see item 8.

6. financial framework of the coaching

6.1 The fee for a coaching session can be taken from the website (the coach is not subject to VAT).

6.2 The coaching service is not reimbursed by the health insurance.

7. payment method
7.1 The amount due from is to be paid immediately after each meeting on site in cash or
by TWINT to the phone number 079 533 29 24, Tanja Kühne, with the note of the date and name.

7.2 For online sessions, the amount due must be paid via TWINT before the session.
überweisen (Angaben siehe oben).

7.3 Upon request, the Coach shall prepare a total invoice at the end of the Coaching as a receipt for the Client's files.

8. cancellation policy
8.1 The contract may be terminated by either party at any time without notice.

8.2 Notice of termination must be given in writing and must include a statement of reasons.

8.3 The agreed total contract is not refundable, but can be transferred to someone else with the consent of the Coach. Furthermore, the service can be re-referred within one year after the date of the discontinuation of the coaching.

8.4 In case the Coach withdraws from the contract, the remaining amount will be returned to the Client.

9. General
9.1 The Coach shall store the Client's personal data to the extent necessary for invoicing and accounting purposes.

9.2 Should any clause of this contract be or become invalid, the rest of the contract shall remain valid.

9.3 Additions and amendments to this contract shall be agreed in writing.