Tanja Vanessa Kühne
Tanja Vanessa Kühne

Hello, I'm Tanja. I believe that life is way too short to just do one thing. That's why I've chosen to be an entrepreneur. Gifted with an open mind and a curious nature, I find myself travelling across the globe, gaining knowledge about personal development, energetics and spirituality that I can pass onto my fellow human beings. I'm happy you're here!

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German Business Flow Podcast

Listening. Asking questions. Writing.

As a freelance journalist, I mainly write about travel, tourism, psychology and spirituality.

Travel Blog - A Swiss abroad

I love to travel and to write about it in German and English.

Join my RINGANA team!

I am a passionate networker and opportunity provider. Do you want to build your own network business? Then join my team! :)

RINGANA natural cosmetics

I recommend our natural products without preservatives. Vegan. Not tested on animals. We have sports nutrition, natural cosmetics and drinks.

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As a content creator, I love to vlog on Instagram at @tanjavanessa, @tanjakuehne and @swisstravelguides.

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