Do you often wonder why you are the way you are?

Are you confused about how to make good decisions in your life?

And would you have liked to get an instruction manual for yourself at your birth?

What if there was such an instruction manual for you? A tool that shows you what abilities and energies you have been endowed with so that you can fulfill your life's purpose?

And here it comes... such a system exists and it's called HUMAN DESIGN.

Human Design Analyse

Taste your
Human Design

Perfekt für deinen kurzen und knackigen Einstieg ins Human Design!

+ dein persönliches Human Design Chart

+ Besprechung von Typ, Strategie, Autorität, definierte und undefinierte Center (the basics)

– eine Sitzung à 25 min
– online per Zoom

einmalig 95 Fr.

Human Design Analyse

Ausführliche Besprechung deines individuelle Human Design Charts

+ dein persönliches Human Design Chart

+ Besprechung von Typ, Strategie, Autorität, definierte und undefinierte Center, dein Profil, deine Kanäle

+ Hands-on Tipps, wie du dein Design leben kannst

+ PDF-Hand-out mit allen Informationen für dein individuelles Chart

+ Video-Aufzeichnung

– eine Sitzung à 75 min
– online per Zoom

einmalig 222 Fr.

Bitte beachte, dass wenn du unseren Termin kurzfristig absagst, ich dir die entstandenen Kosten verrechnen werde. Absagen bis 7 Tage vor dem ausgemachten Termin sind kostenfrei. Bitte respektiere meine Zeit und Energie. Danke!

Human Design Testimonials

Human Design Mentoring

Willst du nach deiner Human Design Analyse tiefer gehen und dich und deine Energie besser verstehen?

Willst du an deiner Dekonditionierung arbeiten und dich von Mustern und Verhaltensweisen verabschieden, die nicht zu dir gehören?

Dann ist das Human Design Mentoring genau das Richtige für dich!

Was dich im Human Design Mentoring erwartet:

– Du lernst, wie du deine Intuition spürst und damit die richtigen Entscheidungen für dich triffst

– Du lernst mentale, energetische und spirituelle Tools und Übungen, die dir helfen alte Muster nach und nach abzuwerfen.

– Du deckst deine negativen Glaubenssätze auf und transformierst sie.

– Gemeinsam reflektieren wir Alltagssituationen & deine Reaktionen darauf und finden Wege, wie du diese Erlebnisse besser einordnen kannst.

Human Design Mentoring

+ 9 Sessions à je 75 Minuten
+ alle 2 Wochen eine Session
+ WhatsApp Support
+ über Zoom oder WhatsApp
+ Dekonditionierung jedes einzelnen Energiecenters
+ Erlernen von mentalen Übungen, die du praktisch anwendest
+ persönliche Begleitung über 3 Monate

What ist Human Design?

Human Design is a channeled system that tells us with what kind of energetic aura we came into this world and how to use it in the most powerful way. A man named Ra Uru Hu brought it into the world in 1987 and more and more people are discovering it nowadays.

The Human Design System shows us how to best to make decisions and how to navigate best through this world with our individual energy.

Human Design combines the following ancient wisdoms into one system:

For me, however, the Human Design System is a tool that helps me to recognize and accept myself. It allows me to experiment with my energy and to explore my character.

Do you want to get to know yourself better and learn how to best navigate through this life?

Dann darfst du gerne eine Human Design Persönlichkeitsanalyse bei mir book a Basic Human Design Reading with me.

If you feel that after der Human Design Persönlichkeitsanalyse fühlst, dass du mit mir zusammen an deiner Konditionierung arbeiten möchtest, dann darfst du gerne zu mir ins 1:1 Human Design Coaching kommen.

In the Human Design Coaching we go deeper into your open centers, we work on your limiting beliefs and I show you mental techniques that you can immediately apply and integrate into your everyday life.

The Human Design System is a tool with which you may experiment. Knowing your design and what it means is one thing, but you won't understand your own energy until you experiment with your strategy and authority. I support you in your process. :)

Client love

"Thank you so much, Tanja! I really loved the Human Design reading that we did together and it truly, truly helped me understand myself and my surrounding much better. And most importantly the message was it is ok to be you and I think that was exactly what I needed at that moment. Also thank you for all your amazing tips and tricks on how to apply my personality type. It has really helped me get through the past weeks that were really tough and I cherish the input from our reading not just now but also in the future. Thank you for your support and help!"
Diana K. from Zurich
"Tanja opened up my eyes to Human Design (HD) and I am so grateful for learning more about how I can help myself to listen to my body and operate better in this world! I had an hours chat with Tanja, and we went through my chart. It was extremely interesting and during the full hour, I had so many AHA-moments that it was almost unreal. I learned how I should listen to my intuition, what strategies work well for me, and even tips on how i should eat better in terms of digestion. I would love to learn more! HD is so interesting and I recommend booking an hour with Tanja if you want to learn more about yourself and how you operate. Tanja has a gracious, positive and dynamic approach, she is a good listener and really knows her subject well. I highly recommend a session with her!"
Agnes M. from Zurich