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In today's fast-paced and confusing world, it can sometimes be difficult to follow your own authentic path in life.

And deciding on the right job, the right profession or a suitable activity in all this chaos can be quite overwhelming...

Often we choose the "safe" or "logical" option, the one that brings in more income or promises us a secure future. But only deciding with our hearts on how we use our precious life energy and time, will make us sustainably happy.

To help you make this decision, I created my job coaching package. The purpose of my job coaching offer is to support you in shaping your individual professional life and to harmonize your decision with your private life.

I am deeply convinced that everyone can shape his or her life exactly as he or she wishes.

There are so many opportunities for us in this day and age. And everyone deserves to do something that mackes them happy!

Let's make the most of it!

Your results after the job coaching

Für wen ist dieses Coaching das Richtige?

My job coaching process

In the Discovery Call we find out if the job coaching is right for you and if we want to work together. Free 15 minutes to get to know each other. Just request the Discovery Call - no strings attached 🙂 .

In order for me to be able to comprehensively prepare for our first meeting, I need the information and answers from the questionnaire, which I will send you by e-mail shortly before our first meeting.

The intake meeting will take us about 90 minutes We will have a look at your current situation and clarify what you want to achieve with the job coaching. It is the goal of this intake meeting to define an overall goal that we will work on throughout the coaching. 

After our intake meeting 2 Mal à 90 Minuten. On these dates I coach you with mental techniques (online or on-site) and show you the possibilities based on your individual situation.

The Abschlussgespräch à 90 min is used to evaluate and check your personal progress and to see if you got closer to your goal or even achieved it.

How I work as a job coach

I work intuitively. Every person is individual and has different needs. There is not THE strategy or THE concept that fits every person, so every coaching with me is different.

In the 1:1 sessions with me you will notice that I see you as a "whole" and engage myself completely with you and your situation and energy.

I don't have the right answers for you. Only you have these answers. But through my targeted questions I guide you to the answers that are right for YOU. Because I am deeply convinced that YOU already know your answers intuitively, but sometimes it takes a coach or an external person to tease them out of you.

If you want to be guided by me, you are welcome to send me an email including your phone number and I will contact you for a discovery call. I look forward to meeting you!

My coaching offers for you

Your 9 weeks of transformation

CHF 795.00
Discovery Call
1 x Intake Meeting à 90 min
2 x Berufungscoachings à 90 min
Abschlussgespräch à 90 min
online or in Zurich

Tanja Kühne

Holistic Mental Coach

Mein ganzes Leben habe ich mich gefragt: Was kann ich gut? Was will ich von meinem Leben? Wohin soll ich gehen? Durch ganz viel Ausprobieren und vor allem auch durch all meine zahlreichen Fehltritte, habe ich nun einen Weg gefunden, der für mich stimmt. Nun helfe ich dir, deinen zu finden. Schön bist du hier!

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